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Samsung launches Nokia 770 competitor

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Samsung have launched their Q1 ultra-mobile PC which will compete against the Nokia 770 Internet tablet. This is one of the first of the Origami machines that Microsoft designed to make the PC more mobile. Like the Nokia 770 Internet tablet it's a small (pocket sized) handheld with a touch screen and no inbuilt keyboard.

The launch didn't go that well, according to the Korean Times (via Chris Head). The demo machine had problems during the press release:

"[T]he new PC proved to be too revolutionary, enough to baffle the three firms' executive officers who publicly tried to demonstrate how to use it."

Interestingly they quote Kim Hun-soo, Vice President of Samsungs PC division who says that the battery life will be short:

"Kim later admitted that Q1 has three hours of battery life and two hours when watching a DVD, which is comparably short to other laptops."

The unit will cost about 1.2 million won in Korea, which converts to 673 GBP. Aside from a quick chuckle at a failed demo it's great that machines based on the Origami concept are getting to market. Bob Young the co-founder of RedHat used to say that he didn't want all of a small pie, but a small piece of a big pie. More Origami PC's can only help to increase the popularity of the mobile Internet and hopefully will bring new users and applications to the party.

Has anyone played with a UMPC yet? And, what do you think the Nokia 770 developers can learn from the Origami?

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Written by Steve George

May 24, 2006 at 12:20

Posted in Internet, Nokia 770

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