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UK ID Cards pass Parliament

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ID cards passed their third reading and have been sent to the House of Lords. While there was a reduced majority, the final outcome is a victory for the government. This legislation enables the government to set-up the ID card system, although a great deal of the detail of how they work and be used is missing. It’s worth skimming some of the debate along with this overview, and for balance the governments view.

There is some coverage in the major news outlets such as the Times, Guardian and Independent. The most positive spin is that with so much opposition it may fail in the Lords.

I find the reasoning for identity cards wholly unconvincing, even the Government seems unsure, constantly chopping and changing. Nonetheless, the opposition hasn’t managed to make any substantial progress, it looks like they’ll pass. I’ve been surprised that by the lack of interest that the UK public has shown.

I don’t think the arguments against ID cards are reaching the general public. I had dinner with a group of intelligent, informed and articulate solicitors a few months ago who seemed completely unaware of what you can do with the technology that underpins ID cards. If these people don’t understand the consequences of what’s happening what hope is there for the man of the clapham omnibus. This lack of interest is reflected by the media coverage; the BBC homepage doesn’t even mention that ID cards passed to the Lords, instead leading with Clarke dropping out of the conservative leadership race – yet of the two ID cards will impact our daily lives far more.

Why do you think there’s been such a subdued reaction to ID cards?


Written by Steve George

October 19, 2005 at 13:40

One Response

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  1. Well in the US it also wentpast congress. Yet very few people have even heard of National ID.

    I hate people, they are really stupid.


    October 19, 2005 at 13:50

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